Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

Six motors 、Core alignment

Signal Fire Stripper

8-IN-1 Optical Fiber Stripper


5-in-1 mini OTDR

Signal Fire optical fiber fusion splicer AI-6A/6C/7C/8C/9/10A use the latest core alignment technology with auto focus and six motors, it is a new generation of fiber fusion splicer. It is fully qualified with 100 km trunk construction, FTTH project, security monitoring and other fiber cable splicing projects. The machine uses industrial quad-core CPU, fast response, is currently one of the fastest fiber splicing machine in the market; with 5-inch high-definition color display screen, the operation is simple and intuitively; and up to 300 times focus magnifications, making it is very easy to observe the fiber with naked eyes. 6 seconds speed core alignment splicing, 15 seconds heating, the working efficiency increased by 50% compared to ordinary splicing machines. Large capacity lithium battery, fully charged state can splice & heat 260 fibers, also the splicer machine can charge the phone, to solve your trouble when your phone has no power at outdoor working. Under the conditions of rigorous testing, the performance is still outstanding; toolbox is small, exquisite, durable, and with unique bench design. The design of operating platform reflects the humanistic care; unique lighting design, it is convenient for night construction or repair. Screen brightness is adjustable and it is convenient for outdoor sunshine environment operation. The core parts are using imported brands, aviation metal body material with exquisite details. With the combination of advanced technology and design, the new generation of optical fiber fusion splicer will bring you a reliable and comfortable user experience.

Video playback of fusion splicer

Craftsmanship spirit

accumulate steadily to reach the top of the industry

Industrial CPU, fast response, It is one of the fastest optical fiber welding machines on the market
Use 5-inch 800X480 high-resolution screen, simple and intuitive operation graphics
Up to 300x focusing magnification makes it easy to observe the core with the naked eye

The fourth generation trunk line
optical fiber fusion splicer

Built-in Electric precision cleaver/Built-in VFL and OPM function

Signal fire fusion splicer AI-10A is the world's first fourth-generation
optical fiber fusion splicer, it combines electric cleaver and fusion splicer as one,
with 8-in-1 signal fire stripper,and can be combined with the work bench and table,
making it is the world's first real sense, small size, light weight, easy to operate
optical fiber fusion splicer.

High-end luxury

Details showcase perfect quality

Within VFL and OPM function

Effectively measure connection losses, verify continuity, and help evaluate fiber link transmission quality

  • OPM:Switch between six states
  •      Wavelength: 850nm、1300nm、1310nm、1490nm、1550nm
  • VFL:Switch between three states
  •      power: 15mW, 2Hz flashing and steady on mode

3 in 1 fiber holder

SM, MM, bare fiber, pigtail, Drop cable , multi fiber cable

Battery charging "New upgrade"
Dual charging !

7800mAh lithium battery

Charging time ≤3.5 hours
In full state, 260 cores can be continuously fused and heated

The battery can be removed
and charged separately

Charging method III
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  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .

Cooling rack Expandable and closable

  • .
  • .
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  • .
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Dust prevention fall
prevention shock prevention

Thickened buffer structure,Don't be afraid to knock! Touch! Fall!

Outstanding quality without fear of challenges

Adapt to harsh environments such as deserts, snow, high altitude, and high temperatures

Operator Winning Bid Brand

Telecom installation and maintenance skills competition, Signal fire fusion splicer excellent performance, won the group first prize

Signal fire fusion splicer has
been sold to more than 100
countries and regions

We have obtained ISO9001 international certification,
FCC, EU CE ROHS, UK UKCA certification

Work pictures shared by foreign clients

Sold to both domestic and international markets, received unanimous praise from customers!

Support bluetooth Bluetooth connection

Intelligent interaction, avoid tedious

  •  The device owner can be bound as the highest authority and
    can effectively manage a single or multiple devices.
  •  You can read the welding records and times of the device
    through your phone, and export data.
  •  You can set various parameters for the device: menu on/off,
    machine language, changing heating time, etc.
  •  Device software upgrade: Upgrade the mobile app,
    and the Bluetooth connected machine can upgrade the device software.

Part of APP applications

Bluetooth communication eliminates complexity

Scan the QR code of the welding machine startup screen to download the Mobile APP The phone connects to the splicer via Bluetooth

Energy saving mode

Automatic shutdown of the machine without any action within the set time

Voice Announcements

After opening, voice prompts are provided for the whole process of fiber placing, fiber matching, welding and loss value. In case of unqualified items, the voice prompts directly

Screen brightness adjustment

Suitable for different outdoor environments such as strong light and darkness

10 languages setting

Available in major global languages

Learning Operations

Detailed tutorials on fiber cutting, fiber stripping, and welding machine operation

After-sales services

Any problem in use can get timely help from technical engineers through this

Heating mode

Heating time can be customized, extremely cold weather and hot summer can be extended or shortened

Leasing mode

You can set the use time of the machine or the number of welding. The machine will stop working when it expires. After receiving the new machine, bind your mobile phone number and set it as the highest management authority, so that you can control the device.

Management function

The device owner can be bound as the highest authority, can remotely view the welding record, welding time, loss, etc. through the mobile phone APP, can set the welding times or working time of the device, and the manager can effectively manage single or multiple devices.