Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

Six motors 、Core alignment

Signal Fire Stripper

8-IN-1 Optical Fiber Stripper


6-in-1 mini OTDR

ZS1000-A / ZS1000-B


Signal fire OTDR(optical time-domain reflectometer) ZS1000-A/B has five functions: OTDR, iOLA, Optical power meter, stable light source, red light source, LED flashlight. The dynamic range is 20db, test range is 100m-80km, attenuation dead zone is 12m, and the event dead zone is less than 3m. It adopts a 3.5-inch full color high-definition touch screen, a 2000mAh lithium battery, and a compact but powerful body.
Signal fire Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is a precision optoelectronic integrated instrument that utilizes the Rayleigh scattering and Fresnel reflection of light transmitted in optical fibers to generate backscatter. It is widely used in the maintenance and construction of optical cable lines, and can measure the length of optical fibers, transmission attenuation of optical fibers, joint attenuation, and fault location.This machine can be tested automatically with one click, making it easy to operate. It is designed as a handheld device, making it more compact and portable. High speed signal processing, shorter testing time, and faster analysis. It can store 8000 sampling points, type-C interface. The humanized OTDR simulation software can display the details of events!

Video playback of OTDR

Professional in fast repair


It can perform test on 1490nm and 1577nm links

Support live test

advanced wavelength isolation
technology support live test
Single-wave only ZS1000-B supports this function

even with live test,it will not cause damage to the optical components
and strictly protect its own precision part

New UI

Mobile phone-like UI, smooth operation

3.5-inch high-definition touch screen, mobile phone operation design,
support multi-touchSupport horizontal display,view OTDR curve more
clearly·High-resolution LCD,even in strong sunlight,
user can use the device easily and clearly

Hidden interface
meticulous protection

OTDR、VFL、OPM、USB、all interfaces are dust-proof

Mainstream Type-C interface is compatible with mobile phones

More details,Practical and caring

Intimate and portable
Back clip with lanyard
LED Light + 10-level backlight adjustment
Convenient in dark night working condition
Rechargeable lithium battery, battery capacity 2000mAH;can be used as a power bank, suitable for long-term outdoor work.
Excellent battery life
Back-mounted cooling hole design,stable and silent
Secure and stable


  Dynamic Range   20dB
  Test Range   100m~ 80km
  Wavelength   ZS1000-A:1550/1310(±20nm)double wave
  ZS1000-B:1550/(±20nm)single wave
  OTDR/OLS Connector   SC
  Pulse Width   5ns~ 20µs
  Measurement Time   5s~180s
  Measurement Mode   Real time,Average,Automatic
  Attenuation Dead Zone   12m
  Event Dead Zone   <3m
  Sampling Point   8000
  Input Light Detection   Support
  Maximum allowable power for light testing
(Only ZS1000-B single-wave support)
  1277nm <10dBm 1310nm <10dBm
  1490nm <10dBm 1577nm < 10dBm
  iOLA   Only the ZS1000-A support
  OPM power range   -50~26dBm
  OPM response wavelength   700nm~1700nm
  OPM calibration wavelength   850nm、1300nm 1310nm、1490nm、1550nm、1625nm
  OPM power uncertainty   ±0.2dB
  VFL   I0mW
  LCD   3.5-inch high-definition touch screen
  Type-C Cable   Type-Cxl
  Self-calibration   Support
  LED Light   Support
  Expandable external storage   USB (Temporary storage)
  Working Temperature   0 ℃~50 ℃
  Storage Temperature   -20 ℃~ 70 ℃
  Relative Humidity   <90%
  Size(H*W*D)   117mmx70mmx33mm
  Weight   About 217g